La Petite Cave, France

restaurant2Stage at this rural, classic restaurant where food is the absolute focus. Fresh and local are key. This is a fantastic opportunity to see the way fine dining is produced in France and get a real insight into the food, culture and methods used. We decided the best way to give an overview of this property was to give examples of reviews by recent guests:

“We have had the pleasure of eating Andrew’s food for the last few years and agree that this is superb cooking that bursts with flavor. Every plate is presented with care and does not only taste wonderful but is also very well presented. We will certainly be heading back when we go to Provence again next summer and let’s hope that many other tourists and locals alike will discover the quality of this cooking”.

“Over the years we have become accustomed to the unique dining to be had at Le Petit Cave and it never fails to please. The menu may, as someone else has noted, not have the range of some restaurants but this plays to the strengths of the cooking; great, fresh ingredients lovingly presented and often with a twist, for example Foie Gras with a taster of garam masala on the side, wonderful”.

“Beautiful food in a brand new setting. Each course was a work of art. Hope to be back!”

“The food is just superb. Extremely fresh and seasonal. Just a perfect meal. It was a simple menu just a few choices but what we had was beyond delicious. It is a very out of the way village/restaurant and yet the restaurant was packed. Word has spread so make a booking. It was well worth it”.

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