2017 Runner Up: Harvey Perttola from Hampton Manor, Solihull

Olivers Final presentation of his original entry dish

Oliver Doveys Final dish

The Finalists were scored on a points system across a variety of different disciplines with 4 key areas: General, Preparation, Service and Dish.

Sat Bains and John Freeman went through the Final week in detail, considering every one of the elements and how our 2 Finalists operated throughout the week.

The results were the closest they have ever been with only 2 points between the Finalists out of a possible 125 in total.

Congratulations to Oliver Dovey of Baxter Storey, London. He put himself under immense pressure with his final dish, using multiple elements of the Duck. Head Chef John Freeman said Oliver stuck to his original dish which showed confidence, his duck was beautifully rendered and the dish was flavoursome; he also showed great technique in cooking the leg and also the overall balance of the dish.” Very well done to Oliver!

Well done also to Harvey Perttola from Hampton Manor, Solihull. His final dish was delicious” according to Head Chef John Freeman and he said he would employ Harvey in a heartbeat” scoring his attitude and ability in the different key areas under scrutiny as 10 out of 10. Well done Harvey, we hope you enjoyed the experience.

So a huge thank you ALL of the entrants, Judges, and all the Restaurants that supported Chef Stagiaire Award 2017, we appreciate every single one of you.

A massive thanks to absolutely everyone at the Restaurant Sat Bains with Rooms team, but special mention has to go to Sat Bains and John Freeman for welcoming the guys so warmly and making time to mentor and support them throughout this fantastic week.