Kong Hans Kaelder

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

kong hans1Since the birth of Restaurant Kong Hans Kælder in 1976 the restaurant has aimed to be among the finest and best in Denmark. The vaulted ceilings give a unique and intimate atmosphere with solid wooden floors and romantic light from candles. The idea from the beginning was to create a classic luxury restaurant without being pretentious and snobbish.

thomas rode kong hansLocated in the oldest building in Copenhagen, Kong Hans Kælder -meaning King Hans’ Cellar – has held a Michelin star for many years. Current Head Chef Thomas Rode Andersen serves elaborate Franco-Danish food to guests under the gothic arches of the elegant dining room. Staff will eagerly tell you this is the place that H.C. Andersen wrote Love in Nicolai Tower.

An open kitchen invites guests to observe the brigade while they craft such signature dishes as Roasted Black Lobster served with delicate white Asparagus, accompanied by an Asparagus-Lobster Mousse with a superbly light and frothy Asaparagus sauce. Classic French cuisine has been paired down to respect a new found desire for simplicity. Superb ingredients such as the freshest Shrimp from the Fjords or Turbot from the North Sea speak for themselves.

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