Kadeau, Copenhagen

Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Nørregaard grew up in Svaneke on the island of Bornholm. He cooked with his grandfather from an early age and met his later business partner Rasmus Kofoed in the local handball club when he was 11. He intended to study architecture but began to work at restaurant Svaneke Pakhus in the summer time and Cofoco in Copenhagen in the winter time. He has no formal education as a chef. In 2007, together with Rasmus Kofoed, he acquired the restaurant Strandhytten which had been put up for sale in Vester Sømark at Pedersker on Bornholm’s south coast and opened Kadeau a few months later. In 2011, together with two new business partners, Nørgaard and Kofoed opened Kadeau København in Copenhagen. Kadeau København received one star in the Michelin Guide (Main Cities of Europe) in March 2014. Kadeau Bornholm received a star when the first Michelin Guide Nordic Region was published in 2016.

We grow, harvest, preserve, serve, and love.

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